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Humbrol are at it again people. Some more colours have been discontinued, or they have been discontinued for a long time and I have only just noticed.

If you are one of the many people who read my occasional blogs, and my readers number in the 10's... well I am pretty sure I have at least 11 readers.

Anyway if you are a Bowfell Blog faithful you will know that we are a fan of the Humbrol Enamel paint range but also have had some fun with them as a shop.

An earlier blog mentioned Humbrol because they just decided to stop supplying the model world for a while. We got through that but we now face the slow decrease in colours available to sell.

A customer recently asked us using our Contact Us page ( a little plug for our website there) if we had Humbrol enamel colours 106 and 165 in stock.Humbrol Enamel 106Humbrol Enamel Paint 165

I thought we should have them, but if not we are always happy to get in any models or items people request. That was until I checked my suppliers and found you can forget 106 and 165.

Just like when Commissioner Gordon looks away from Batman then turns back, and he's gone, I looked back at my suppliers Humbrol list and Ocean Grey and Medium Sea Grey have pulled a Dark Knight on me and vanished.Batman artwork

But lets keep the Batman analogy going a little longer. Like the "Worlds Greatest Detective" I went to the Bat-Cave, did some research, checked with contacts and the word on the street to track down 106 and 165 like they were part of Penguins crew.

Then I would have loved to slide down a pole to the Batmobile but I had to make do with some stairs and the Bowfell-mobile (no big fins or jet engine in the back) and went out to get my prize.

So what we have learnt is

  1. 106 and 165 are going to get harder to find along with more Humbrol colours
  2. Humbrol are continuing to phase out enamel colours
  3. Bowfell Models will try their best to track down any models or items you need with some success
  4. I probably have an unhealthy obsession with Batman

I will put together a list of the colours missing from our supplier and post them here if it helps people.

Hopefully this will help you if you want to stock up on any colours. Also remember you can always contact us if we don't have what you want in stock. Even if we don't have what you want listed, just try us.

We are only a small outfit but we are always happy to put our nerd powers to use and try and find that model or colour you really want.

It's 50/50 if we will find it but hey, it only costs you your time to write a quick email.

or use the Contact us link at the bottom of our website.

Right, I think I might go watch a Batman film now. 


I have put together an up to date list of the all the colours Humbrol are making. So click here to see the list and if your colour is not on the list, they probably stopped making it

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Bowfell Models

Bowfell Models

Its always good to hear from Humbrol fans, its the paint both me and our model builder used when we were kids. I have to say wow to 100 1/72 scale models built and you must be struggling for space. I bet where ever you have them looks great, just a mass of great looking model aircraft.
I think you have more Airfix kits than us and we are building a model shop.

As for your question, as far as I know Humbrol enamel is still oil based. Enamel paint is usually solvent based but there are some exceptions.
Humbrol recently changed the formula but from what I have been told and researched, they are still oil based. I am sure if I am wrong someone will call me out and correct me.
I hope that helps and I hope you continue to build your models even if you have to start stacking them on top of each other.

Ian Jay

Ian Jay

I live in South Africa and have a large airfix collection – many still to build. I have used Humbrol exclusively all my life – well since I was nine, I am now sixty eight and have not yet been able to find the side effects of using Humbrol. Except for the need for more space for my 1:72 scale collection which now exceeds 100 built. About another 120 waiting in their box. My question is – do Humbrol still make oil based enamel paint?

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