Humbrol Enamel Paint tins

It may be old school but at Bowfell Models we are fans of the classic Humbrol enamel range of paints.

It's what I used when I was the cool kid building models, because we all know the kids in school that built models were the cool kids...right?

We know we are not the only fans of enamel paint as a few our customers agree with us. Now unfortunately the powers that be at Humbrol have decided to put a temporary stop to their enamel paint range.Humbrol Enamel Paint tins

I put my deer stalker hat on, got my giant magnifying glass out and did a little investigating. The word on the street is they are changing the formula and replacing a certain chemical.

I assume the chemical was bad for the environment and not to us. If Humbrol enamel paint could effect us, then all the modellers I have met over the years would have shown signs. When was the last time you met a model builder that seemed a bit mad... oh wait. 

I am sure sitting for long hours hunched over plastic, glue and drying paint has not effected us. 

For now though it does mean we can not re-stock our enamel paints. So you can still buy enamels from us but we have no idea when we can replace our missing colours.

As soon as the Humbrol boffins finish their experiments, we will pounce and get some enamel colour back into your lives.

Its not enamel but we do also stock another paint brand

We now sell Tamiya Acrylics. So if you decide to give Acrylic a go while you wait for the enamels to return, I can highly recommend Tamiya Acrylic Paints.

As soon as we know more about the Enamels we will update this post.

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