A Housing shortage, well a DIY House model kit shortage

Our lovely DIY House kits and Book Nooks from Rolife have been getting a lot of love. Our semi tame model builder loves them, so much that I am still waiting for him to make some planes to show of on the shops Instagram.

Rolife DIY House Kits

These are what he is addicted to building. They don't look like Airfix and Eduard plane models that I can promote.

Anyway as he is not the only person loving the houses and the awesome Book Nooks.

Robotime Rolife Book Nook Magic House on a book shelf

Or in my case a Playstation game and Blu-ray NookRolife Book Nooks Magic house playstation game nook

I think if you buy a Book Nook you should make it a nook of whatever you love.

I am getting distracted now, back to the shortage news.

We have almost ran out of these lovely looking kits but not to worry. Like a miniature property developer trying to build a housing estate for the Borrowers, I am hard at work securing more Houses and Book Nooks.

If you email us at info@bowfellmodels.com or use our Contact Us page, you can ask for a list of all the House kits and Book Nooks we can get.

Then if you let us know the kits you want we can add them to our next order just for you.

So if you like the idea of adding some magic to your book shelf (or games shelf, I'm just saying) with a Book Nook.Rolife Sakura Densya Book Nook

or maybe you fancy building a miniature greenhouse, coffee shop or study.DIY Miniature house kits

check out our Wooden Model kits and select Book Nooks or DIY Houses in the Groups Filters.

Or message us for the list and tell us what you would like to build.

The next wave of kits are due in mid March and we will be adding some new house kits to our collection.

Also feel free to leave a comment on any DIY House kits or any wooden models from Rolife or Rokr that you would like to see us stock. I don't think many people are reading my blogs but if you do leave a comment, keep it clean people.

Your comments don't post instantly as our system waits a few hours before they appear. Don't worry they will show as long as no naughty words.

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