How much Book could a book nook nook, if a book nook could nook books

That title took me far to long to get right.


Book Nooks people! Rolife Book Nook Magic House on book shelf

Our semi tame model builder loves these kits along with the DIY House kits and Wooden Models. I ask him for more planes and cars to show of on our Instagram and he gives me mini houses and book nooks.

They do look good though and I ended up doing one for myself. I can't decide if I make it a Book Nook or a Video Game and Blu-Ray NookRolife Book Nook with Playstation games and blu-rays

If anyone is still reading theses blogs we hope you will share your nook. Buy a Book Nook and we will include a business card. Then build your Book Nook and take a picture of it with your favourite books or something else you love.

Share your Nook on social media with our logo and we will give you a 10% off code for our website. Share your Nook with people and show them your much loved stories or your passion on a shelf.

We get a bit of free advertising and you get 10% off your next order. We will also post your Nook on our Bowfell Models and Mountains Instagram page if you want.

We are not exactly an influencer but some people like our pics of models and mountains.

We also have access to more Book Nooks, DIY House kits and wooden models from Rolife and Rokr. Use our Contact Us Page and ask for the Wooden Models list. 

We can email you the list and you just tell us the Model Number of the kit you want and we will add it to our next order.


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