Tamiya Price Increase

Tamiya have increased their prices. Now that's not the news a small growing model shop wanted to hear.

More importantly no modeller wants to hear their hobby is going to start costing them more but unfortunately Tamiya have decided on a price rise.Tamiya Logo

We don't have a big Tamiya section but we did plan on growing it. We stock their acrylic paints as we know there is a lot of love for them, plus our semi-tame model builder likes his Tamiya Acrylics.Tamiya Acrylic Paint

We also have a few of their very well made model kits like this lovely Milestone 100th Release model kit of the Fieseler Storch. A model of a very interesting aircraft that also comes in a lovely box.

Tamiya Fieseler Storch

We want our customers to keep enjoying this well respected brand so we will try and soak up the costs for as long as we can.

As new stock arrives we will have to reassess the prices. We are still only the little guy compared to our rivals but we will try our best.

We have to keep Tamiya going as they do our modellers favourite glue.Tamiya Liquid Cement

So we will keep Tamiya otherwise his models will fall apart.

Don't forget if anyone has any suggestions for Tamiya products they would like us to stock, just message us. Also if you have any suggestions for alternatives to Tamiya that you would like feel free to contact us.

Drop us a message on our Contact page or email us at info@bowfellmodels.com

We may not be a big online company that can make talking speakers and space rockets but we are always looking for our next idea. Its a slow process building a model shop and it didn't come with instructions. 

We will keep pushing forward and try to keep our prices low and our packing standards high. For now you could check out our Tamiya range of model kits , our Tamiya accessories in Brushes, Tools and Glue section  or our range of Tamiya Acrylic Paints. Depending on when you read this blog they may still be the old prices.

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