Robotime Rokr Construction Vehicle Wooden model excavator build

At Bowfell Models we have our own semi-tame model builder but I decided that I wanted to have a go. So I hijacked our modellers desk and had a go at building a Rokr Excavator wooden model kit.Robotime Rokr Excavator wooden model kit

Now that's the promotional pic of what it should look like. I picked the excavator as it looked the trickiest out of the 5 construction vehicle models.

Our modeller challenged me to only use what comes with the kit to make it a good real world test.Robotime Rokr Excavator wooden model kit contents

As you can see you get a flat pack collection of wooden pieces ready to be popped out from their sprues. You also get a piece of wet and dry sand paper and some instructions. model building desk with rokr construction vehicle wooden model kit

Look at his nice clean and organised desk. Now I am not going to use any of his tools, those drawers will stay shut. Ok I used his bluetooth speaker and I may have eaten his orange Twirl. I had to make space and the chocolate was in the  way.

 rokr excavator

The small piece of wet and dry included in the box. Some of the parts had a small rough bit left when I popped them out, but just a quick flash with the sandpaper was all they needed.

That is made up of about 7 small pieces. So either I have giant fingers or this kit has some small parts. You have to be very careful pushing out some of the parts from their sprue. Most just dropped out easily but a few of the smaller piece demand a bit of patience.

robotime excavator arm

I followed the instruction with no issues and I now have the digger arm. I am on a role now.

The wooden parts are all push fit. No glue is needed although some of them are a tight fit and you have to be careful when you push them in. A bit of patience and maybe sand any parts that you are struggling with.

rokr excavator part built

I now have a complete cab with arm and I have managed not to break anything. I am finishing this digger in a day, lets push on.

Then I hit the tricky bit, the caterpillar tracks. The instructions have been great up to now but the tracks is where they fall down a little.

The instructions tell you push some pieces together to form a block with square holes in and then push these small pieces into the holes.

You end up with this. Then place the tracks on top. Maybe it was just me but it was not clear at first what it meant. Then without asking our modeller for help I worked it out because I am a big boy now.

Pop the flexible plastic tracks out from their sprue (they give you a few spares for the tracks) and lay 1 across the wooden pieces you placed in the square holes. When you start remember to start at the 3rd hole of the track. You should have 2 empty holes on the tracks for joining them later in the build.

then push the wooden track pieces on top. Easy when you know how.

Check it out, a caterpillar track. now you just lift it of and repeat

I'm getting the hang of this model building lark.

I have missed out a few stages as I really got into building it and forgot to take pics. Once the tracks are done you have to use the included piece of wax. rokr robotime excavator built

As you assemble the full caterpillar tracks you have to run the wax over all the moving parts. As you can see this can get a little messy but it allows the tracks to move. They are still a bit stiff but they move so I am happy.

robotime rokr excavator wooden model kit assembled

You even get a little cone and barrier to finish of the look of this lovely little kit.

You need to be very careful with some of the very small parts. You have to apply some pressure to some very small parts. I recommend some long nose pliers to hold the small pieces and push them in. 

I broke a little piece that goes in the back to simulate the rear lights. It is not needed to finish the build but they are fragile so be careful or have some glue on standby. I just left it, as a smashed rear light feels like a more authentic digger.

I enjoyed this build and I also enjoyed his Twirl.

Rokr make 5 different construction vehicles for you to build so check out our Wooden Models section and use the Filter to show Construction Vehicles


I might have a go of that dump truck next. Now I have to go recharge his speaker and replace his chocolate.






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