We have changed our postage options and pricing.

As a small online business we have one issue that is often out of our control, delivery.

When we started on this little venture we wanted to make sure you all get your orders quickly and well packaged. Your models should be arriving in the amount of pieces they are supposed to be in and as quickly as possible.

So recycled and bio-degradable boxes, paper, bubble wrap and air cushions sorted our packaging issues. We can't afford a Tesla but we recycle packaging and source environmentally friendly products. We even separate our cardboard, plastics and cans. Take that climate change!

As much as we like the Royal Mail, we understand some people had lost confidence due to the strikes. So we recently started offering DPD as a delivery option alternative.

This did not turn out to be our best decision as we have since experienced issues with collection. I am sure the drivers are all lovely people and probably don't get the best treatment or wage. Unfortunately for some of our customers we have had a few incidents of parcels sitting at the Drop Off point for 2 days.

Nobody wants to pay extra for a courier to then check the tracking and watch it sit in one place for two days. Some of you may still be nervous about Royal Mail but in a full year we have only had a couple of minor issues. A few delays due to the strikes but the Royal Mail tracked the parcels and got the issues sorted quickly.

We even had a race and the cheaper Royal Mail 24h option arrived faster than a DPD parcel. The race was between a Ford Mustang model and a Chevrolet Corvette model in case you are interested. Team Royal Mail with the Mustang beat the DPD Corvette by 2 days.Maisto Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500Maisto 2020 Corvette Stingray

Thought I would show the muscle car postage race competitors. 

Going forward we would rather have fewer but happier customers so DPD has been dropped. You will still have 2 delivery options as we have introduced a cheaper Royal Mail 48h option to replace DPD.

So choose from 48h or 24h Tracked and no matter how much your order or how big your model, your postage rate will not change. So if you want to add loads to your basket and give us a headache working out how to pack it all, you can knowing we will be scratching our heads looking for a box to fit it all in. No matter what box or packaging we use you will still only pay your chosen rate.

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