Plastic model kit tool set for beginners

Have you ever thought about having a go at building a plastic model kit?

We have our own Plastic Model kit tool set for beginners now. Well its actually products from Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell and Model Craft, but we bundled them together. That kind of makes it our tool set.

Humbrol coloro, tamiya liquid cement, revell sprue cutters, model craft tweezers bowfell models tool set

Our semi-tame modeller is very keen for more people to get into and enjoy the hobby. As a small but growing model shop, more model builders is also good for business. So it seemed like a good idea to put together a kit to help beginners.

Plastic model kit tool set. Humbrol coloro, tamiya liquid cement, revell sprue, model craft tweezers

Even the Empire thought it was a good idea.

We did look at stocking a ready made kit but found they are good for general model building, but we wanted something more targeted at plastic model kits.

Beginner sets tend to have cheap products as you obviously don't want to spend loads at the start, but this can also mean cheap quality. So we thought we would try to offer a good level of quality to learn with for hopefully a reasonable price.

Some of you may not agree with our choices so feel free to make any suggestions. We tried to think what the main essentials for a beginner should be. If you can think of something better let us know, we may look at doing more bundles.

Anyway we came up with the following.

  1. Revell Precision Sprue Cutters - Cut the pieces of your model free from the  sprue.
  2. Revell Sanding Sticks - Then give any rough bits left behind a quick sand
  3. Model Craft No3 Fine Tweezers - Pick up those fiddly small pieces
  4. Tamiya Liquid Cement - Glue the pieces together with the built in brush applicator. Our resident modeller loves this stuff, so we thought learning with a great easy to use glue would help.
  5. Humbrol Coloro Brush pack 00,1,4,8 - Paint your model with 4 different sizes of Humbrol paint brushes
  6. A 10mm Flat Brush - Paint those larger areas or do some weathering with a 10mm wide flat brush

We hope this kit will help you learn and enjoy plastic model kit building and maybe create some new modellers.

We tested the kit on me. I am a collector and love the subject matter but I'm not a big model builder. I managed to build a small spitfire using this kit and I finished it without gluing myself to the desk, breaking the model or finishing with a propeller stuck to my arm.

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