Avro Heritage Museum

We took a trip to the Avro Heritage Museum in Stockport and it is a great little museum.

If you are interested in the history of Avro or just like aircraft, you should give the Avro museum a look. The staff are brilliant and full of knowledge, and you get to go inside some iconic aircraft.

Avro Lancaster Bomber interior at Avro Museum

That is a replica of a Lancaster Bomber. It is an eye opener to see the conditions all those brave crew members had to work in. It is not the easiest to move around in and I was not facing a 50/50 chance of getting back alive.avro museum Lancaster bomber interior

That is an axe sitting under the window. The guide told us an amazing story of how someone owes their life to that axe. If you can get to the museum and go in the Lancaster, ask them about the axe.

Avro Lancaster Bomber interior bomb aimer at Avro museum

That is the bomb aimers position and the escape hatch. We see pictures and build models of the Lancaster but to be inside really gives you a new perspective on this iconic aircraft.

Moving up through the decades, you can also go inside the cockpit of the Vulcan bomber. Vulcan Bomber cockpit view at Avro museum

Avro museum Vulcan bomber cockpit interior

Being sat in the pilots seat was worth the entry fee alone, although it did take all my will power not to play with the joystick and press all the buttons while making plane noises. Our guide was great, he told us interesting facts and stories about the Vulcan. I now know how to start a Vulcan bomber.

He also showed me an essential piece of equipment for the crew. I had never given it any thought before but the Vulcan's crew could be flying for 20+ hours.

Avro museum Vulcan Bomber crew toilet

That my friends is a toilet for the crew. Don't worry the RAF did give them one each. I never thought when I started these blogs that I would be sharing a picture of a toilet.

Lets keep it moving and jump into the Nimrod next.Avro museum Nimrod cockpit viewAvro museum Nimrod cockpit interior

Sitting in the cockpit of the Nimrod next. I didn't know much about the Nimrod apart from it hunted submarines and has a distinctive look. Thanks to the amazing staff at the Avro museum I now have a more up close and personal view of this successful aircraft.Avro museum Nimrod interior submarine hunting station

Just some of the technology used for search and rescue and to hunt down submarines. The crew also still used the Mk1 eyeball, and looked out of the window.

If you are ever near Stockport and have an interest in aircraft give this place a look https://www.avroheritagemuseum.co.uk/


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