When an order comes in we drop everything (unless we are carrying a small child or Ming vase) and make sure your order is packed to a high standard. We want to make sure your model arrives in the amount of pieces it should be in.

We like to keep our postage rate simple but we decided to complicate it a little with 2 new Tracked options.

We still have our flat rate of £4 no matter how much you order but now we have added two more flat rates to choose from.

  • £5 Royal Mail Tracked 48
  • £6 Royal Mail Tracked 24

So for an extra £1 you can add full tracking and for another £1 again you can jump to fully tracked 24 hour delivery.

Lets say you want to order one of our new diecast models of the F-35 Lightning (shameless plug there)

You can add this lovely diecast plane to your basket and choose your speed of delivery.

Then if you want to order some more models like a Hasegawa model kit of the most extreme piggy back ride ever

(I just keep dropping these shameless plugs for stuff to we have for sale) You can add it to your basket and your chosen delivery rate will not change.

So even if you go nuts and add as many products as you can to one order, your delivery will stay the same. You will also give the guy who does the packing a headache as he works out how to safely and securely pack so many things.

We hope you like our new delivery options and we will still keep packing your orders to the standard we would like to receive them in.

For more info check out our shipping policy.

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