Hasegawa Space Shuttle Orbiter & Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier 1:200 Limited Edition

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  • Scale 1:200
  • Model No: 10844
  • Space Shuttle Size - L 185mm W 118mm
  • Boeing 747 size - L 350mm W 298mm

A model kit of the ultimate piggy back ride.

The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) are two extensively modified Boeing 747 airliners that NASA used to transport the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

The SCAs were used to ferry Space Shuttles from landing sites back to the Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center. The orbiters were placed on top of the SCAs by Mate-Demate Devices, large gantry-like structures that hoisted the orbiters off the ground for post-flight servicing then mated them with the SCAs for ferry flights.

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