Humbrol Enamel Paint - List of Colours still available

If you like Humbrol enamel paint and lists, then have I got a blog entry for you.

What follows is a list of all the colours currently available from Humbrol. Trust me the latest Humbrol colour chart still shows colours listed they no longer make.

I was going to explain more of the situation first but we will leave that to after the list. I know you love a list.

So check the list then scroll down to read more of my ramblings.


Humbrol Enamel Colours Still Available

  • #1 Grey Primer
  • #2 Emerald Gloss
  • #3 Brunswick Green Gloss
  • #5 Dark Admiralty Grey Gloss
  • #7 Light Buff Gloss
  • #9 Tan Gloss
  • #10 Service Brown Gloss
  • #11 Silver Metallic 
  • #12 Copper Metallic
  • #14 French Blue Gloss
  • #15 Midnight Blue Gloss
  • #16 Gold Metallic
  • #18 Orange Gloss
  • #19 Bright Red Gloss
  • #20 Crimson Gloss
  • #21 Black Gloss
  • #22 White Gloss
  • #24 Trainer Yellow Matt
  • #25 Blue Matt
  • #26 Khaki Matt
  • #27 Sea Grey Matt
  • #28 Camouflage Grey Matt
  • #29 Dark Earth Matt
  • #30 Dark Green Matt
  • #31 Slate Grey Matt
  • #32 Dark Grey Matt
  • #33 Black Matt
  • #34 White Matt
  • #35 Gloss Varnish
  • #38 Lime Gloss
  • #41 Ivory Gloss
  • #46 Orange Matt
  • #47 Sea Blue Gloss
  • #48 Mediterranean Blue
  • #49 Matt Varnish
  • #52 Baltic Blue Metallic
  • #53 Gunmetal Metallic
  • #54 Brass Metallic
  • #56 Aluminium Metallic
  • #60 Scarlett Matt
  • #61 Flesh Matt
  • #62 Leather Matt
  • #63 Sand Matt
  • #64 Light Grey Matt
  • #65 Aircraft Blue Matt
  • #66 Olive Drab Matt
  • #67 Tank Grey Matt
  • #69 Yellow Gloss
  • #70 Brick Red Matt
  • #73 Wine Matt
  • #76 Uniform Green Matt
  • #77 Navy Blue Matt
  • #78 Cockpit Green Matt
  • #80 Grass Green Matt
  • #82 Orange Lining Matt
  • #85 Coal Black Satin
  • #86 Light Olive Matt
  • #93 Desert Yellow Matt
  • #94 Brown Yellow Matt
  • #98 Chocolate Matt
  • #99 Lemon Matt
  • #101 Mid Green Matt
  • #103 Cream Matt
  • #110 Natural Wood Matt
  • #113 Rust Matt
  • #121 Pale Stone
  • #127 US Ghost Grey
  • #130 White Satin
  • #131 Mid Green Satin
  • #147 Light Grey Matt
  • #153 Insignia Red
  • #154 Insignia Yellow
  • #155 Olive Green Matt
  • #160 German Cam Red Brown Matt
  • #164 Dark Sea Grey Satin
  • #174 Signal Red Satin
  • #186 Brown Matt
  • #191 Chrome Silver Metallic
  • #200 Pink Gloss
  • #201 Metallic Black
  • #220 Italian Red
  • #222 Moonlight Blue
  • #27001 Aluminium Metalcote
  • #27002 Polished Aluminium Metalcote
  • #27003 Polished Steel Metalcote
  • #27004 Gunmetal Metalcote


Wow, that was a lot of typing!

Ok, so that's the list of all the colours Humbrol are still making. If you don't see the colour you are after on that list, they have probably stopped making it.

The next bit was originally at the top of this blog but I didn't want to get between a model builder and a good list. So now lets explain what happened to the best of my knowledge.

Some of you may have noticed over the last year it got harder to buy Humbrol Enamel paint. First they stopped shipping altogether due to a chemical that had to be removed from the formula. I must stress that you don't have to worry about the old formula paint. Its totally fine to use, unless I have been passed out over a tin for the last 6 months hallucinating that I run a model shop website.

Humbrol fixed the chemical issue, and now all new paints produced are "Meko-free".

Now the second problem!

Since Humbrol gave Meko the elbow things did not return to normal. Yes enamel was back and Meko had slung it's hook but something was wrong. We started to loose colours.

I don't know exactly why they didn't just carry on the original colour range with the new formula, but changes have been made and I have no doubt there is a good reason for this. 

So my advice is, if you are after a colour that is not on the above list and you see it for sale, I would snap it up as it may not appear again. Even if it is at a rival model shop we won't get upset. Just promise us you will be thinking of us when you buy from them.

Let's hope Humbrol will start reintroducing the missing colours, but as yet there is no sign of this happening. 

As of writing this blog we still have some of the discontinued colours listed in our Humbrol Enamel Paint section. Some in stock and some out of stock.

We are going to leave some these listed for a while in case we can still source existing stock still in circulation. We will start to remove these colours as supply runs out.

If you do decide to move on from enamel to arcylic, we do stock Tamiya Acrylic paints. These paints have a good reputation for both brush and air gun.

Our semi-tame Model Builder likes them. You can always see some of his work on our Models and Mountains Instagram page


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