Our West Highland Way Adventure Sale was a success

We had a big sale in May and it was a success.

While we enjoyed views like the above pic, all our lovely customers enjoyed  a 16% discount across our whole website. This did however come with a catch. You had to wait for up to a week for us to dispatch your discounted order.

This was because we had an adventure in Scotland. A 96 mile hike along the West Highland Way

While we spent a week hiking across the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, all our customers received 16% off their orders.

We want to thank everyone who ordered something in our sale for their patience.

We got to walk through the beautiful Scottish Highlands

While our customers got a discount on their models. Win win

Although the Sale was a big success our adventure did have a few problems.

If you are curious about what went right and wrong, you can read a more detailed multi part account of our West Highland Way adventure on our Bowfell Blog.

If you don't want a detailed blog but would like to see more pics, check out our instagram page for pics of models and mountains. We will post more pics from Scotland along with other random model related stuff. 

Once again a big thank you from everyone at Bowfell for your patience during our sale.


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