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  • Model - ST001
  • Age 14+
  • Assembled Size - 400x400x350mm
  • No glue required

Last one - Money off for dented box. Model kit is perfect inside.

The box has some minor damage so we opened it up to check it. Everything is fine inside so now we have a perfectly good model in a dented opened box. So if you don't want to display the box you can grab yourself a bargain.

If you like building models and also have an interest in the Solar System, this might be your kind of model kit.

This model kit builds into a mechanical orrery showing the orbits of the 8 planets in our solar system.

Along with looking good on a shelf, the orrery is also educational. With a little patience and carefully following the instructions, you will assemble multi layer variable speed gear sets. Then turn the handle on your finished model and watch the planets orbital paths.

So you have an engineering model and also a little astronomy at the end.

If you want to build a model but don't want to mess around with any glue, these kits could be for you.

Each kit contains laser cut wooden pieces (if its made using a laser its got to be worth a look) that slot together to build your model.

If you like the look of this model but want something different, have a look at our other kits from Rokr and Rolife.

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