Rokr Owl Clock Wooden Model Kit LK503

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  • Model - LK503
  • Age 14+
  • Assembled Size - 206x128x265mm
  • No glue required
  • Clock requires 1 AA Battery - Not included

If you like owls and like to know what time it is, an owl clock might be for you

This lovely Owl Clock model kit comes with everything you need to build a working clock with a pendulum timer.

The owl clock includes a battery quartz clock and a roman numerals clock face. It also has a working pendulum mechanism and wind up timer. The pendulum does not keep the time on this lovely clock, that is left to the battery powered quartz clock.

The pendulum mechanism is part of the 30min timer. Just wind it up, start the pendulum swinging and watch the mechanics of this wooden owl clock go. Check out the video to see the clock in action.

If you want to build a model but don't want to mess around with any glue, these kits could be for you.

Each kit contains laser cut wooden pieces (if its made using a laser its got to be worth a look) that slot together to build your model.

If you like the look of this model but want something different, have a look at our other kits from Rokr and Rolife.

If you are a fan of the Rokr wooden model kits range but don't see the one you want, just message us and we will see if we can order it for you.

Customer Reviews

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owl clock

Hi . I would like to say this model is amazing and looks great when finished and keeps time very well.
The only thing I would say is at times 2 pair of hands is better than 1 .Also the piece of wax to grease the cogs and wheels was not the most ideal to use. I had to use some extra cooking oil as when finished the mechanisms were hard to turn. However once Ihad completed the greasing process the clock and keys and pendulum worked very well. It was completed over 3 days and it has kept time perfectly since . Other family members have liked it and have thought of getting one. It does look amazing on the mantlepiece. Thank you I hope you like my finished effort

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