Polar Lights Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 Refit 1/1000 Model Kit

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  • Model No POL966
  • Scale 1/1000
  • Size 225mm long
  • Snap fit - No glue needed
  • Includes Option to build NX-01 Refit
  • Includes Optional Mirror Universe Decals
  • includes display stand

Long range scans have detected a plastic model kit anomaly. Scans show a model of an Enterprise that never actually made it to the screen. This model kit gives you the option to build either the Enterprise NX-01 or the Enterprise NX-01 Refit.

This snap fit model kit is primarily designed to allow you to build the Enterprise NX-01 from the Star Trek TV series "Enterprise". It also gives you optional decals for the Mirror Universe version but the most interesting option in this kit is the Refit option.

The kit has a few extra pieces that give you the option to build the Refit version of Enterprise that never made it to the screen. The Enterprise NX-01 Refit is an interesting ship for collectors and Trekkies alike. The NX-01 Refit is the Enterprise that could, and many believe should have been. 

Designed by Doug Drexler, the NX-01 Refit was his idea of how the Enterprise NX-01 would have gradually evolved into Kirk's Enterprise. 

This modified Enterprise NX-01 may not have made it to the screen, but it has become a fan favourite, appearing in official calendars and book covers. 

The Polar lights Snap Fit series of models can be assembled without glue and also come with a display stand.

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