Polar Lights Star Trek Galileo Shuttlecraft 1/32 Model Kit

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  • Model No POL909
  • Scale 1/32
  • Size 23cm long 
  • Decal for 3 registry options - Galileo, Columbus or Einstein 

The Galileo was the first shuttlecraft made for the TV series "Star Trek". Appearing in the season 1 episode "The Galileo Seven", The Galileo shuttle was used by Spock to investigate a strange anomaly. It wouldn't be Star Trek without a strange anomaly to investigate.

The nice people at Polar lights have included a decal sheet with three registry options. So if you don't want to build the first Star Trek shuttlecraft, you can always make either the Columbus or the Einstein.

So set your phasers to glue and you can build a model of a famous piece of TV Scifi history.

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