Meng Dune 1/72 Harkonnen Ornithopter Model Kit DS-009

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  • Model No DS-009
  • Assembled Size - Wingspan 626mm Length 293mm
  • Includes Display Stand
  • 4 Crew Figures
  • Transparent Cockpit
  • 2 sets of interchangeable landing gear
  • Movable Wings - Switch between ground-parked or flying modes

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A 1/72 scale plastic model kit of the House Harkonnen Ornithopter from the hit Sci-fi movie Dune.

This is the bigger more detailed Harkonnen Ornithopter model kit with a wingspan of 626mm. This kit is much bigger than the smaller MMS-014 model kit from Meng.

The 1/72 scale kit features a much higher level of detail and includes extras such as clear canopy parts, four crew figures, 2 sets of interchangeable landing gear parts and independent movable wings.

Build this sci-fi icon in either a landed or in flight position thanks to the 2 landing gear options. The kit also includes a display stand so you can proudly display your ornithopter in your chosen pose.

Once built, the wings can rotate, retract and unfold. 

Dune is a classic masterpiece of science fiction literature written by Frank Herbert that has been adapted many times. The latest version is the hit Denis Villeneuve directed Dune from Legendary Pictures.

Now with Dune Part 2 released, you can really get immersed in this new vision of Frank Herberts classic. Thanks to Meng Models you can immerse yourself even more and recreate some of the films iconic vehicles.

Along with this highly detailed 1/72 Harkonnen Ornithopter, you can also build a 1/72 Atreides Ornithopter.

You can also choose to build the much smaller and cheaper Spice Harvester, Atreides Ornithopter and Harkonnen Ornithopter also available from Meng Models.

So get yourself some glue and paint and you can create your own model of a sci-fi icon. The only problem is choosing which model you will build, or you could go nuts and build all of them.

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