Hasegawa Lamborghini Jota SVR 1:24 Scale Model Kit

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  • Scale 1:24
  • Size L 181.5mm W 77mm
  • requires glue and paint

The Lamborghini Jota SVR is a race spec Lamborghini Miura.

This is a model of a truly unique car, the Lamborghini Jota SVR. Lamborghini development driver Bob Wallace created a Miura that would conform the FIA's appendix J racing regulations. Miura was produced by Lamborghini

Wallace made extensive modifications to the standard Miura chassis and engine. Weight reductions included replacing steel chassis components and body panels with aluminium and replacing side windows with plastic, with the resulting car weighing approximately 360 kg less than a production Miura. A front spoiler was added and the headlights were replaced with fixed, faired-in units. The engine was modified to produce 418–440 bhp at 8800 rpm. This single example was eventually sold to a private buyer after extensive testing. In April 1971, the car crashed on the yet-unopened ring road around the city of Brescia, and burned to the ground.

If you have some glue, patience and an urge to build a detailed model of a beautiful unique classic car, the Hasegawa Lamborghini Jota may be worth a look.

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