Bburago Mini Cooper 1969 1:24 Scale Diecast Model

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  • Scale 1:24

First designed by Alex Issigonis the Mini is an icon of the 1960's and one of the most famous and influential cars in history.

With its front wheel drive and transverse engine layout the Mini set a new standard for use of space in car design. It also had very impressive handling and performance for such a small car.

Racing legend John Cooper saw the potential in this little car and set about making a track version. With more power, new brakes and sharper steering he transformed the humble Mini into the giant slaying Mini Cooper. T

his amazing little car won almost every race it entered including the Monte Carlo Rally, beating cars for more powerful and expensive. If beating super cars in the Monte Carlo Rally was not impressive enough it also went on to help Michael Cane pinch some gold.

A 1:24 scale die-cast model of this icon of motoring that deserves to be displayed, or you could push it around your floor going "vroom vroom" .

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