Bandai Star Wars Tie Fighter 1/72 Scale Model Kit 01201

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  • Model No 01201
  • Scale 1/72 
  • Angle adjustable stand
  • Seated pilot figure

Do you run an Empire? Do you own a fleet of Star Destroyers? Are you trying to take over the galaxy but pesky Rebels keep getting in your way? What you need is a reliable, small, single seat fighter. What you need is the iconic Tie Fighter.

The Tie Fighter is the fighter craft of choice if you are planning on building an evil empire to take over the galaxy.

If you are not in charge of an empire trying to rule the galaxy, then maybe a detailed plastic model kit of one of the most iconic movie spacecraft is for you.

The Bandai model kit includes a clear or open frame canopy window, a detailed cockpit, a pilot, green laser effects (pew pew) and a nice angle-adjustable stand for you to display your model on an angle of your choice.

If you are a Jedi you could assemble this model with the force but for everyone else you need glue and paint.

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