Airfix Dogfight Doubles Messerschmitt Me262 & P-51D Mustang 1/72 Model Kit

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  • Model No: A50183
  • Scale 1:72
  • Age 12+
  • Size - Me262 L 148mm W 174mm
  • Size - Mustang L 136mm W 157mm

If you have ever wanted to build models of 2 famous planes on a stand but don't have any glue or paint then Airfix may have a solution.

The Airfix Dogfight Doubles range are plastic model gift sets of 2 famous aircraft that met in combat. Each kit comes with paint brush, glue, paint and a stand to display your creation with pride.

The Me262 was the worlds first operational jet powered fighter aircraft introduced in 1944. It was faster and more heavily armed than any Allied aircraft.

Although 100mph slower than the Me262 the P-51D Mustang was used to hunt down this formidable aircraft. The Mustang would attack the Me262 while still on the ground or taking off and would also dive down on low flying Me262's to lessen the speed disadvantage.

This is a good model kit for beginners who need glue and paint and also for more experienced modellers who just don't want to use their own paint.

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