Airfix Classic Conflict Tiger I vs Sherman Firefly Vc 1:72 Model

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  • Model No: A50186
  • Scale 1:72
  • Set includes - 6 Paints, 2 brushes, 1 poly cement
  • Size - Tiger L 118mm W 53mm
  • Size - Sherman L 110mm W 37mm
Have you ever said to yourself "I want to build plastic models of 2 tanks that met each other in battle, but i don't have any glue or paint"
If so then Airfix may have made what you are looking for. This gift set comes with 1:72 scale model tank kits of the Tiger I and Sherman firefly Vc, paint brush, glue and paints.

The feared German tiger tank had more armour and firepower than the Allied tanks until the Sherman Firefly Vc met it in battle.
The Sherman Firefly was fitted with a 17 pound anti-tank gun that was more than capable of knocking out the fearsome Tiger tank.

With the Airfix Classic Conflict Gift Set you have everything you need to build these two great rivals.
Great for beginners or experienced modellers who don't want to use their own glue or paint.

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