Academy P-38F Glacier Girl 1/48 Model Kit 12208

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  • Model No: 12208
  • Scale 1:48
  • Age 14+

The P-38 Lightning was an effective American, twin boom fighter aircraft used during World War II. Now I could tell you about this unique looking planes role during the war but this is a model of a very unique P-38 with its own story.

This kit allows you to build a model of “Glacier Girl” a P-38 with a very interesting story. On the 15th July 1942, due to bad weather and visibility, six p_38 fighters and two B-17 bombers were forced to return to Greenland while en route to Britain. Unable to make it back to an airfield the aircraft were forced to make emergency landings on the ice fields.

All the crews were eventually rescued but the aircraft were left behind and over the decades that followed they were buried and lost under 268 feet of snow and ice. Fifty years later in 1992, a P-38F was brought to the surface and eventually restored to flying condition. This P-38 became known as “Glacier Girl”.

The nice people at Academy have included the story of "Glacier Girl" in the box. So along with a nice model you also get an interesting piece of history to read about.

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