Vintage(ish) Airfix Spitfire Model Kit

Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb 1:24 Scale Model Kit

At Bowfell Models we always like to keep our eyes open for any rare, neglected, hidden or un-loved model kits.  A lot of our rare and vintage finds get sent to our Etsy page Bowfell Vintage. Think of it as a rescue centre for old models and collectibles. 

If you fancy giving a vintage model or collectible a loving home, feel free to check out our Etsy Shop.  We also have a 20% off sale when you spend £40 or more before the 1st Dec 2021 on any item in our etsy shop. 

If you don't fancy the trip to our Etsy shop we also have a not quite vintage (20 years old is officially vintage) model kit hanging around with the younger Airfix kits.

A 2005 Airfix 1:24 scale model kit of the iconic Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb is currently waiting in the Plastic Models section.  This model kit has been left sealed for 16 years waiting for a new owner to give it a home.  We would have sent it to spend time with our rescue models on Etsy, but this kit needs four more birthdays before it can retire to Etsy.

airfix spitfire mk vb 1:48 scale

As such this 16 year old kit will be waiting on Bowfell Models for a kind modeller who is aware that 16 year old decals may need a little help sticking.



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