Medicom Batman Hush Action figure

UPDATE - This rare item has just gotten even more rare. Somebody has bought this figure so no Batman Hush on Bowfell. We do still have the new movie to look forward to, plus we will see if we can find something new for you Batfans.

At Bowfell Models we enjoy a nice Airfix Model plane, a good Academy Model kit of a Panzer tank, we are also partial to a nice Bburago diecast Lamborghini, but we also have a passion for seeing a billionaire orphan dress up as a bat and fight crime. The internet has been getting excited about the new trailer for The Batman

Here at Bowfell Models we also have a love for the Caped Crusader but do not want to wait until next year for our fix of the Dark Knight.  That's why along with our Joker and Harley Quinn statues, we now have a new addition to the BowfellCave.

A very rare Medicom Batman Hush Real Action Heroes Action Figure

Medicom Batman Hush

A rare find still sealed in his box.  We don't want to take this model out of the box for pics because we know some fans will be looking to keep this figure sealed. 

We should have some more models and collectibles from the world of Batman on their way soon. Keep an eye on the Collectibles section as we get closer to the new films release.


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