Transatlantic Air Race Harrier GR.1 Tom Lecky Thompson

I was watching Secrets of the Transport Museum and nerding out over the amazing collection of vehicles and aircraft they have. Looking at the stunning Napier Railton and saying to myself "we need a model of that beast of a car". 

Then they featured The Harrier GR.1 piloted by Tom Lecky Thompson to set the fastest time from London to New York in the 1969 Trans-atlantic Air Race. Then I said to myself "wait a minute, we have a model of that!" Italeri Harrier Transatlantic Air Race

The 1969 Daily Mail Trans-atlantic Air Race was a race between London and New York, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first trans-atlantic crossing.

From 4th to the 11th May, racers had to get from The Post Office Tower in London to the Empire State Building in New York in the shortest time.

While some racers ran towards airports the legend that is Tom Lecky Thompson took advantage of the RAF's new toy, the Vertical take off and landing capable Harrier GR.1. Who needs to queue in an airport when you can just race to a coal yard next to St Pancras Station and take off vertically.


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