ooooh pretty!

Here's one I made earlier!

We stock a few of the Revell 3D puzzle range including a few with LED's in.

A customer bought the Titanic and Eiffel Tower sets and then was kind enough to send us a thank you message along with some images of the finished builds.

Now the Revel packaging tells you that it lights up and has a picture on the front but we don't think it does the product justice. so we had to share these picsRevell 3D puzzle titanic led lights on in dark

revell 3d puzzle titanic led in the dark

The RMS Titanic lit up in all it's glory. Along with arguably the most famous ship you can also build a pretty LED model of a world famous landmark.Revell 3d puzzle Eiffel tower led in the darkrevell 3d puzzle led Eiffel tower purple light

Sacre bleu! it changes colour!

We have also just got in a new LED kit with a model of a castle that I am still not sure how to pronouncerevell 3d puzzle Neuschwanstein castle led

Thanks to Elizabeth for her pictures and letting us know that these puzzles look much better than their box art.

We had not planned on showing pictures of finished models but if anyone else wants to send us pics we may consider doing a customers gallery. Still work in progress idea but we will see if any of you lovely people like the idea.


Customers picturesTitanic

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