A long time ago, in a model shop far far away

At Bowfell Models, we are fans of a small movie franchise you may have heard of called "Star Wars"

There has been some sequels and spinoffs for the Star Wars movies, and one of the most popular has been The Mandalorian. The Razor Crest ship was made famous in this show and also made into a model kit by Revell.Revell Mandalorian Razor Crest

We managed to get a few of these models but they did not last long. It turns out this Star Wars franchise is pretty popular.

Sadly we no longer have them in stock but fear not fellow Star Wars fans, for the Force is strong with this model shop. We have our best bounty hunter searching for more and until then we still have some other items from Star Wars.

Including a certain bounty hunter who now has his own showHasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection Boba Fett

A rare Hot Wheels Elite die-cast model of the iconic Tie-Fighter

Hot Wheels Elite Tie Fighter Diecast

Also remember, if Models you can not find, message us you can, find them we will try.

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