Revell Battleship Bismarck 1/700 Scale Plastic Model Kit 05098

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  • Model No: 05098
  • Scale 1/700

Commissioned in 1940 The Bismarck along with its sister ship The Tirpitz were 821 feet long making them the biggest warships ever made by Germany.  Along with being the largest battleship of its time The Bismarck was armed with eight 15 inch guns that were capable of hurling a 1,800 pound shell over 21 miles.

This formidable Battleship is 1 of the most famous of World War II and was the subject of the film "Sink The Bismarck"

The story of The Bismarck and the relentless pursuit by dozens of Royal Navy ships to sink her is worth a read.

The Bismarck sank the HMS Hood and is then chased down by The Royal Navy in a desperate attempt to destroy such a critical threat to the Allied shipping lanes. 

If you don't know the story of The Bismarck i highly recommend looking up the history of this formidable battleship.

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