Maisto Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT Gran Turismo 1/18 Green

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  • Scale 1:18
  • Model No 36454
  • Green

With its single seat fighter jet inspired cockpit and virtual hologram display, the Vision is Lamborghini's vision (see what they did there) of the future of race cars.

When it comes to bonkers car designs, Lamborghini have always been an industry leader. If you want something a little on the mad side of performance car design this former tractor maker has you covered.

The Lambo V12 Vision GT is a concept track car that was first unveiled at the 2019 FIA Playstation Gran Turismo Championships in Monte Carlo.

I sometimes comment in these descriptions about the insane amount of money you will need to own or drive the real life counter part of the model. With the Lambo Vision however, we all stand a better chance of owning one. 

Get yourself a Playstation and a copy of the Gran Turismo 7 and you can drive this unique looking single seat racing monster. Although the Vision is a concept car and design exercise for Lamborghini they built it as a virtual product that will appear in the game.

So if you enjoy the video game and want a model of the car you loved driving, or maybe just want a model of a unique looking concept car, this Maisto 1/18 scale model might be for you.

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