Italeri C-130E/H Hercules 1:72 Scale Model Kit 015

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  • Model No: 015
  • Scale 1:72
  • Size L 38.6 cm

If you are looking to build a model of a long serving and incredibly versatile plane then you can not do much better than the C-130 Hercules. The Hercules began production in 1956 and is still in use today making it the longest continuously produced military aircraft.

Maybe you are thinking "so its been in production for over 60 years, thats a long time but does it see service in lots of different countries?"

Well it is used by military forces all over the world, with different versions operating in more than 60 different nations.

"So its seen a long service in lots of different countries, but i want a model of a plane that is versatile"

The Hercules has you covered there. Originally designed for troop and cargo transport the Hercules also found use in many roles including a gunship, scientific research, weather reconnaissance, maritime patrol and fire fighting.

"Ok so the Hercules is the longest running production military plane, has been successful all over the world and can excel in a variety of roles.  But does it have any unique records?"

In 1963 the Hercules set and still holds the record for the largest and heaviest aircraft to ever land on an aircraft carrier.

The C-130 Hercules should have an impressive enough CV to justify you building a model of this incredible piece of engineering plus it looks good.

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