Hachette F-4F Phantom II Jagdgeswader Richthofen 1:100 Scale Diecast Model Plane

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  • Scale 1:100

This is a model of the 1978 F-4F Phantom II flown by the Jagdgeswader 71 Richthofen Tactical wing of the German Airforce and comes with its own stand. You can pose the aircraft in different positions on the stand. So if you want a model of a F-4 Phantom either in a dive, banking or climbing you can set this little model how you want.

The stand has to be assembled but it is just a matter of clicking 2 pieces together then attaching the plane. Then you will have a nice detailed diecast model of an F-4F Phantom II

The model is roughly 6" long and 4" wide

When it is on the stand it sits about 6" high

The scale on these Hachette models is only a rough guide. They also come in a blister pack as you can see in the pics. If you don't mind sacrificing a traditional box, you get a high level of detail for the price.

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