Eaglemoss Star Trek S.S. Enterprise NX-01 Refit Die-Cast Model

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  • Model No 806
  • Size roughly 20cm long 
  • No glue needed

Long range scans have detected a diecast model anomaly. Scans show a model of an Enterprise that never actually made it to the screen. Scanners also show it comes with a magazine containing details and pictures of the NX-01 Refit.

The Enterprise NX-01 Refit is an interesting ship for collectors and Trekkies alike. The NX-01 Refit is the Enterprise that could, and many believe should have been. 

Designed by Doug Drexler, the NX-01 Refit was his idea of how the Enterprise NX-01 would have gradually evolved into Kirk's Enterprise. 

This modified Enterprise NX-01 may not have made it to the screen, but it has become a fan favourite, appearing in official calendars and book covers.

If you set your phasers to buy you will also get the magazine to accompany this model. In the magazine you will be able to learn more than I can tell you here.

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