DC Direct BATMAN Black & White Batman 2.0 Todd McFarlane Limited Edition Statue

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  • No: 4860 out of 5000
  • Size 10" tall
  • Limited Edition

The Batman Black and White 2.0 is the 100th statue in the Black and White range. Only 5000 of these statues have been made and this is number 4860.

Although this statue is new the outer sleeve of the box has some creases from how it was stored. We rescued it from its life hidden in storage and have checked it over. The only issue is the creases on the outer sleeve, Batman is still perfect waiting to be displayed for the first time. We wanted you to be aware of this before you buy. This is a very rare statue and we wont see one again (unless DC decide to make a 3.0), so we decided to take it. A little creased cardboard wont stop the Dark Knight.

Have a look at the pics to see for yourself.

As for the statues description, I am trying to think of something to say about this statue that sounds professional and less like a Batman fanboy

So far all I have is...

Look at the Batman statue, its awesome! Only 5000 made so its rare and its Batman and it looks awesome!

Not sure if that is professional sounding enough so just in case its not I will put the DC Direct version and let you decide which description works best.

DC Direct

After 15 years of celebrating diverse Batman art styles through the Batman Black and White statue line, DC Direct presents a 2.0 of its 100th statue in the collection, by acclaimed writer and artist Todd McFarlane. This milestone statue is based on McFarlane's cover for Batman #423. As with the previous 99 statues in the series, this design reinforces the core value of the Batman Black and White line - to represent the printed page in 3D form. A limited edition of 5,000 pieces, this stunning Batman Black and White by Todd McFarlane Version 2 Deluxe Statue measures approximately 9 3/4-inches tall in 1:10 scale.

The Batman Black and White by Todd Mcfarlane Version 2 Deluxe Statue features a darker interior cape and accent deco. It also includes a DC Dircet logo on the bottom of the base for the first 1st time.

The 100th statue in the Batman Black and White collection!

I know its hard to decide which description best describes the statue but hopefully between the 2 you will find all the info you need to make a decision.

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