Corgi James Bond For Your Eyes Only Lotus Esprit Turbo

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  • Scale 1/36
  • Model CC04705

A Corgi Model of the classic Lotus Esprit that feature in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only"

The 1981 film "For Your Eyes Only" was the 12th Bond Film and as with most Bond films it featured a motoring classic.

In the film, Bond played by the legend Roger Moore has the Lotus Esprit Turbo. Well he has 2 but the 1st Esprit doesn't make it far into the film thanks to a rather serious bit of anti theft car security.

Thankfully 007 gets a replacement so we get to see the beautiful Lotus Esprit some more. This is a model of the 2nd Esprit in red.

The Lotus Esprit has become a movie car classic and is arguably the 2nd most famous of James Bonds cars behind the Aston Martin DB5.

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