Batmobile From Classic TV Show 1/24 scale

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  • Scale 1/24
  • Model - Classic TV Show Batmobile
  • Batmobile model only in plain mailer box 
  • Opening Doors
  • Size - 21cm long

WARNING - This model comes in a plain cardboard packaging.

Jada have shipped these models in plain mailer boxes, so we decided to give them a home and reduce the price.

So if you are a Batman fan and don't mind a plain cardboard box with just the Batmobile in, this could be the Bat-Bargain for you.

You will not find many vehicles that have had more of an impact on popular culture than the Batmobile.

This is a model of the Batmobile from the classic TV show starring Adam West. This was the first Batmobile on screen and it has become a pop culture icon.

The model has rubber tyres and opening doors.

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